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7 Alternatives to Toilet Paper

You might have your food, water and protection all planned out, but one modern luxury that will be sorely missed when the SHTF is the unsung hero: toilet paper. Toilet paper is something that we all use and rarely think about until it’s not there. You’re never as thankful for a new roll of toilet paper as when you think you’re out and find one emergency roll sitting behind you on the toilet.

Now, imagine a world where the core necessities are no longer being made, let a lone a luxury like toilet paper. Without some real alternatives, things can start to get pretty messy very quickly.

Thankfully, there are many alternatives to toilet paper, some of which come from history, while others are still in use today. Get yourself familiar with these alternatives now so when the time comes you’re not left holding the bag.

  1. Paper – This one seems pretty obvious, but some regular paper can be used in an emergency. If you’re looking to use this as a long-term replacement, softer paper like newspaper or phone book paper is a great solution.
  1. Water – This method is still used in many countries around the world today. Many European countries do not use toilet paper, relying solely on this method. A great way to do this is to fill a squirt bottle to spray water in a stream to keep things nice and clean.Read More HERE

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