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Ark Preppers – Could You Live In A Buried Bus?

On Doomsday Preppers, prepper Bruce Beach has built one of the largest underground fallout shelters / survival ark not owned by a government.  On the episode we got to see some of the preparations he has made to allow up to 500 people to live underground in relative safety.

The question is, would you want to live in that much confinement and how you you cope with the mental rigors of living in cramped quarters with a large group of people many of whom you would not know.

First you would have to get used to not really having the ability to move around freely simply because there would be like 10 people per bus.  So moving would be somewhat limited.   I also think that the lack of places for activities might lead to cabin fever which is a very real condition and can have a variety of manifestations including severe depression.

On the other hand you would be safe when others have little or no protection from radioactive fallout.  This alone would probably be foremost on everyones mind while living in the shelter.

The idea of including ham radio communications to the ark is a great idea as is the commercial kitchen for feeding people.  Sanitation may be a bit of an issue but would be something that with the proper suits it should be something that could be maintained.

All in all this is a fairly unique use of school busses as doomsday bunkers or arks to help insure that at least some people survive the aftermath of a radioactive event.

Tell us what you think about the ark and what you might see changed or do if you were to build your own survival ark?

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  • tim rogers says:

    As the rains came down and flooded the earth. The oceans and fresh water lakes would have mixed together. The ocean dwelling fish would of been ok but how did Noah store the fresh water tanks on the ark for the fresh water fish?

  • Brian Mejia says:

    I know it housed the 10 commandments, and was carried in a tabernacle. One question I have is how does the ark of the covenant lead Joshua into the promised land by the crossing of the Jordan River?
    Also, what are some parallels between this story and Moses’ crossing of the Red Sea? How is the crossing of the red sea a prefiguring of baptism?

  • Sam Shields says:

    Termites must live in colonies with a queen to survive so he must have had 10 000 termite colonies on board the Ark. How did he stop them from doing what Termites do and eating the Ark from under his feet?

  • Venditor says:

    With the upcoming 2012 end of the world funny business going on, it has resurfaced about the guy who supposedly buried 50 buses deep underground as bunkers to survive the end of the world when it changed from 1999 to 2000. I always meant to research it but I completely forgot about that story until now. Has anyone got any info on it? If this is true or not? Thanks!

  • OG Dylan OFWGKTA says:

    What equipment is used to ensure (and pump) a fresh supply of air? Is the equipment readily avaliable to the UK civilian? Thanks!

  • Jugtown Pirates says:

    2 of each species, right? Assume they have a little space and are not totally jammed in, how big an Ark would Noah have had to build? Also assume that there is no need for food or water storage etc. Just the animals.

  • Desmarais says:

    Lets just say you want one to have one, an underground bunker/fallout shelter with all the goodies, generator, water tank, fuel tank, waste tank and a kitchen/sleeping area along with a food and supplies storage area, all underground and bomb/nuclear/bio-hazard proof?

    How much would this cost a person to have built under their house with an in house entrance or around the area of their house accessible from inside the home, like a crawl tube or whatever?

  • Mac says:

    Noah was a prepper:-)

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