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Best Uses for Paracord in Any Survival Situation

paracordParacord is one of the best survival items you can have.  It ranks right up there with duct tape when it comes to survival.  It can be used to make tents, can be used to tie all sorts of stuff together, the inner strands can be used for fishing or even sewing wounds in an emergency.  If you don’t want to add it to your bag, you might consider a paracord bracelet

Basically it’s a must have item for any Bug Out Bag.  You’ll want to have between 50 and 100 yards available.  Try and stick with colors that blend in nice, bright orange looks cool but is also hard to hide in green or brown surroundings.

What Exactly is Paracord?

Here at Backdoor Survival, I first wrote about paracord in 2012. I  described it this way:

Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope that was originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. Soldiers, however, found that this miracle rope was useful for far more than their paratrooper missions. In the ensuing years, both the military and civilians alike have found hundreds if not thousands of uses for paracord.

It is available by length, typically 50 to 100 feet (or more) and in a variety of colors. It is also available is large quantities by the spool. Many hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts make or purchase “survival bracelets” made of several feet of paracord which is woven into a compact bracelets that can be unraveled in the field.

By the way, you will often see paracord referred to as Paracord 550 means that it has a breaking strength of 550 pounds or more. Now that is strong!

Paracord can be used for many purposes such as securing things, removing heavy debris and fixed objects, strapping things together, as a harness to escape a burning building, controlling bleeding as a tourniquet, and the list goes on. You can even unravel the cord and use the individual strands as a fishing line or as thread to sew on a button. Wonderful stuff.

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