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How to Make Glue Out of Pine Resin

Making glue out of pine resin is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to bind something together when you’re out in the wild. It’s strong, easy to carry, and durable.


Before making your glue, you need to collect some resin. After that, you will need to find a container to heat the glue in, a fire to heat it on, and some charcoal, which you can collect straight from the fire.

Step One: Melting the Resin

After the fire is lit and the wood is burning, take some charcoal from the fire (or get your charcoal ready that you’ve already collected), and let it cool. Put the resin into the container, and place it on the fire.

Warning: Be careful while working with the resin as it can easily catch on fire from the gasses it releases while melting. Be ready with some pliers (or any other tool) to take it off the flames, and blow the fire out so it doesn’t burn.

Step Two  (Optional): Filtering Out the Resin

While collecting the resin, it’s possible that some of the wood will be chipped away with it. You don’t need this, and it just makes your glue chunkier. So to get a smooth liquid, you need to filter it out. Grab an extra container, and put some sort of filter over it in order to catch the wood, the pine needles, and anything else that might be inside the resin you’ve collected.

Filtering must be done quickly as the resin will harden fast and clog up the holes of the filter. Move the resin around in the filter to speed up the process.

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