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Popular Doomsday Scenarios

Amid the vast prepper community there are many doomsday scenarios that could vastly change life as we know it.  Some of them are realistic, some fantasy but they all have one thing in common, they scare people.

1) Loss of the Power Grid

In today’s world almost everything we do is highly dependent on our power grid.  We use phones, computers for everything.  It used to be banks did things on paper now it’s all done via computer, product ordering and logistics all done online.  Doctors use online reference materials and the list goes on and on.  What would happen if all of the sudden the power was gone?  This is actually a scenario that is very plausible as there are many ways for this to happen.   An nuclear bomb detonated 25 miles up would cause an EMP blast likely to take out a huge part of the electrical grid, the rest would eventually fail as the effects would cascade like falling dominoes.  Severe weather events could cause enough damage to take out huge sections of the grid.  Solar flares could also cause EMP like effects.  Anyone one of these could start small and put a strain on the system leading to a more systematic outage of the power grid.  Imagine the ramifications of this.  Within days stores would be empty, trucks would stop because they can’t pump fuel, heating and AC would cease to exist.

As a prepper being prepared for this means having enough food, water and other supplies to last a longer duration such as a month or more while the grid is repaired.

2) Nuclear Attack / Explosion

Although somewhat covered in item number one this focuses mostly on the physical effects of a nuclear attack or say a plant meltdown like what happened in Japan.   There would be a large release of radiation that would effect huge areas and killing a large number of close by people.  This has happened at Chernobyl and in Japan, 3 Mile Island etc.  Being prepared for this means being able to get out of the hot zone before it’s to dangerous to be there.  Prepping for this kind of emergency requires mobility.  Having a good bug out bag and a emergency survival plan that helps you decide where to go and where to meet loved ones would be critical for this kind of Doomsday Event.

3) Virus / Pandemics

We all know that Pandemics exist.  World Wide millions have died from this in the past.  These days with global travel what used to be a localized pandemic could now become global and faster than world governments would be able to react to contain it.  Prepping for this kind of event is one of the hardest because you need as much isolation as possible.  You need to have plenty of supplies as well as masks to protect you from inhalation, gloves to stop the spread of disease etc.

4) Hyper Inflation

This is a simple cause and effect event.  As fuel prices go up the cost of doing business goes up.  If fuel were to hit $6.00 a gallon many items would become unaffordable by the majority of people who live paycheck to paycheck.  This could lead to social unrest as people had to find means to get what they need up to and including taking it by force.  This is something that is very plausibly in today’s economy.  As of the time of writing this gas prices are hovering around $4.00 and no end in site.  Prices on everyday items are already seeing that.  The price of sugar has gone up by about 15% this year alone.  The key to prepping for this is to have enough food and resources on hand to make sure you have enough.  Canning is a cost effective way to offset future price increases.

5) Pole Shift

This has happened geologically in the paste.  Many look at current weather and say that things are changing already.  For instance March 2012 was the hottest March in recorded history in the United States.  Tornado’s are at record numbers.  Many believe this is the precursor to a pole shift.  Prepping for this event isn’t clear cut as there are a lot of potential for catastrophic damage from this.  It would be safest to be underground in a fortified bunker of some sort as weather conditions for this are likely to be extreme. You would also want to prepare for massive changes in weather as well as being prepared with long term food and water supplies.

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