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Why Preppers Should Have Non-GMO Seeds in Their Preps!

Non-GMO seeds are bred in two ways:

Hybrid seeds

This refers to plant variety via a particular, cautiously controlled cross-pollination of two different plants who acts as parents to produce a plant by interbreeding the two plants to create new traits. The seeds produced by hybrid varieties are referred as not “true to type” (they do not match known features of a given plant variety).

Open pollinated seeds

Random pollination by natural means such as insect; winds birds takes place for seed production. to keep them genetically pure farmers can isolate the plants from other plants pollen. The saved seeds can be planted the next season with guaranteed features as the parent plant. They can be referred to as “true type”

Non-GMO seeds are guaranteed natural; their DNA is not genetically altered. This trait allows them to grow healthy and produce healthy, fresh and tasty crops/foods.

There are several benefits as to why people prefer Non-GMO seeds.

  • They come in a variety. Non-GMO seeds have more than fifty kinds of fruits and vegetable.
  • They have a very high percentage survival rate and over 85% germination rate. Non-GMO seeds give the farmer an opportunity to harvest more even with fewer seeds.
  • Non-GMO seeds are very rich in protein. They help in the provision of energy, strength, and nutrition.
  • Non-GMO are the best when preparing for a fatal day. They are the best emergency food for a doomsday supplies.
  • They are survival seeds. Even in events of disaster and inadequate food, Non- GMO seeds sprout easily.
  • They offer continuous produce. Farmers enjoy long-term food supply
  • If stored properly in a glass jar, you can have non- GMO seeds last for decades ensuring that you have seeds for a lifetime. Unlike in the case of GMO where you cannot save seeds after a harvest and you have to buy seeds for every planting season
  • Non- GMO seeds are cheaper since they do not require series of research and development that comes with extra costs.
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