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Hummer Emergency Radio Reviews

Hummer Emergency Radio

Hummer Emergency Radio

  • Hand-crank, emergency radio and flashlight
  • Two minutes of cranking delivers 15 minutes of radio or 30 minutes of emergency light
  • Features a removable, rechargeable LED flashlight
  • Three watt output with AM, FM, and weather bands
  • Alternatively powered by C batteries

Hummer Emergency Radio – RD08 Guarantee for emergencies, just 2 minutes of cranking for 15 minutes of Hummer radio or 30 minutes of Emergency light from the Removable Flashlight. 3 watt audio output and three bank digital PLL tuner – AM, FM and Weather band (162.55Mkz). In emergency situations you can stay in touch with the digital AM/FM radio. And the included removable, rechargeable LED flashlight guarantees light in blackouts. The HUMMER brand has become one the strongest and most recognized brand names in the world in just a very short time. This recognition is because of the reputation of THE HUMMER being strong, dependable, rugged and an image of action.The Hummer Emergency Radio is a hand-crank radio that delivers 15 minutes of rad

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 66.00

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