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Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter Probiotic 1 Kit

Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter Probiotic 1 Kit

  • 1 Kit
  • Serving Size:

Casei, Bifidus, Acidophilus 6 envelopes / 5 grams each With this yogurt starter, you can make home-made yogurt that has three types of dairy cultures, well recognized for their health benefits, in addition of the regular yogurt cultures. However, this starter must be used only with the Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker (or our earlier model, the Yogourmet II yogurt maker). CBA yogurt starter requires an incubation period of 12 to 15 hours, during which time the temperature must be increased gradually from 23°C to 44°C (73°F to 112°F), The Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker meets this requirement with a heating system specially designed to heat in this pattern. Each box contains 3 envelopes of 2 X 5 grams and each envelope makes 2 litres of yogurt.

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Price: $ 3.00

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3 Comments/Reviews

  • Morgan Kuk says:

    I have a yogourmet yogurt maker. I know if you make homemade yogurt it will be lactose free, but I need to use rice, almond or soy milk. Will that work like cow’s milk does?

    And the yogourmet yogurt starter culture that came with the maker does has skim milk as an ingredient.

    what else can I use as a starter. I’ve never used my yogurt maker yet. hoping to get a yummy result. thanks for any recommendations!

  • ChanginMagzOnEm says:

    Vegan other than the yogurt starter culture, of course.
    And would it taste like yogurt?

  • Rich says:

    I know you can use yogurt as yogurt starter but I run out of that a lot so can’t make yogurt. So I want to buy some to keep so I don’t run out of yogurt. Are culture and starter the same thing?

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