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MRE with Heater, Beef Stew, Meal Ready to Eat

MRE with Heater, Beef Stew, Meal Ready to Eat

  • Our MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are manufactured in the USA by MRESTAR in plants that are USDA/FSIS, as well as FDA approved.
  • Perfect solution for emergency situations as well as camping, hiking or hunting
  • Each meal comes with an easy to use heater, just add water and a chemical reaction in the bag heats the meal in 6-12 minutes.
  • The MREs do not require adding any water to the meal itself, so no need to worry about contaminated water supplies. Water added to the heater to start the reaction does not come in contact with the food.

Shelf-life depends on storage temperature but if stored at 70 degrees, the MRE has over 8 year shelf-life. We pledge to use only top quality ingredients, which guarantee that our products will always have the very best quality and flavor. Most importantly, we will always remain keenly conscious that our meals are going to be consumed by individuals like us. Whether they are away from home, enjoying an outdoor adventure, or are unfortunately in the midst of an emergency, we are committed to providing them with the best meals possible.

Price: $ 7.49

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7 Comments/Reviews

  • KevinAlex Ruiz says:

    I want to join the military but have some minor food allergies, does anyone know the ingredients in MRE’s. What type of foods are in them what types of vegetables,meats,fish. Whatever is in them i want to know. Thank you for answers in advance

  • hanzzzz says:

    im in Iraq and have a hole in my wall filled with an MRE box. i want to open this window up but i also don’t want birds getting in my room so i am thinking of making an AC unit inside of this box but iv never worked with electronics or AC units? any suggestions? all i have for supplies are what ever i can find around camp. (ie) wood, paper, tin foil, duck tape, old broken electronics, computer fans, what you might find in a dump.

  • Norman Hood says:

    The USGI omelet MRE was one of my personal favorites. I just looked at a list of the newest ones and alas the omelet is gone. Why?

  • Darth Baggins says:

    I recieved a few as presents. Not sure if i have enough lunch break time to bring one.

  • JM Martin-Mateos E says:

    Earlier today I ate and MRE. After I finished eating one, my stomach started hurting. When I got home I had to use the bathroom really bad and noticed it gave me diarrhea. Yes, I did chew the gums that are supposed to be laxatives to help your digestion after eating an MRE. Hope it’s not food poisoning -.-
    I didn’t even finish half of it.

  • Andrew Wareing says:

    I just recently bought 2 cases of MREs on ebay. Due to shipping laws, you are not aloud to send the heaters. How can you heat them without the heater?

  • Dennis Marquis says:

    So I have this ex girlfriend and I kind of still have feelings for her what dose this mean?

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