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Sure-Pak: US Military MRE Complete Meals w/Heater

Sure-Pak: Genuine GI US Military MRE Complete Meals w/Heater, 12 Pack

  • NSN 8970-01-321-9153 (HEATER)
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.75″ X 9.25 ” X 11″

Comes fresh directly from US government contractor. Fully prepared and ready to eat meals. This item comes with a flameless ration heater which is activated by water. 12 meals per case. Sure-Pak 12 meals (12 of each: entree, side dish, desserts, cracker packs, spreads, beverages, and coffees along with condiments). Range of main entree types include: beef stew, beef ravioli, chicken with cavatelli, black bean and rice burrito, cajun rice with beef sausage, minestrone, beef with mushrooms, spaghetti with meat sauce, meat loaf, chili macaroni, grilled chicken breast, chicken and rice pilaf, cheese tortellini, jamaican pork chop, country captain chicken and others. Dimensions: 16.75″ x 9.25 ” x 11″. NSN: 8970-01-321-9153. Storage life 22 months when stored in 100 degree temperature. Storage life 55 months when stored in 90 degree temperature. Storage life 60 months when stored in 85 degree temperature. Storage life 76 months when stored in 80 degree temperature. Storage life 88 months whe


Price: $ 100.00

7 Comments/Reviews

  • oliver hero says:

    What two metals are in a FRH (Flameless Ration Heater)?

    Does anyone know?


  • Silber Fun News says:

    Is there NaCl in FRH (Flameless ration heater)?

  • No This is Patrick says:

    If the FRH (Flameless Ration Heater) contains 8.1 grams of Mg and you are to add 45 mL (45 grams) of water, what is the limiting reagent in this reaction?

  • Christmas Cheer says:

    It dosn’t have to be military because i know they cell civilian ones but where can i buy any?
    I am to young to join and i mean like any good sites or anything?

  • chidori305 says:

    MRE stands for Meals, Ready to Eat. They are for members of the Military. The problem is they have a Water Activated Flameless Ration heater in each pack.Im not sure if this is considered dangerous or banned or OK. Also I’m not sure you can even bring food in checked luggage. I’m traveling to Belize and want to bring some food from home with me to travel.

  • iNvidious says:

    I bought my wife several Italian military surplus wool blankets. It has been funny for the past two weeks of her asking “what’s the funny smell in the basement?”

    Well now she has new wool blankets, how should these be cleaned to rid them of the moth ball smell without ruining or changing the fibers.

  • Yevette Kennemur says:

    I have about one a week when I can’t be bothered to cook. Tonight I had Haddock Mornay with spring greens (posh cabbage) and potato and swede mash. From M&S – delicious, way better than I could have cooked myself.

    Do you eat them? What’s your fave?
    Jonathan – I’m actually a very good cook, and do so 6 days a week. As a working Mum, I feel I deserve at least one evening off.
    Slutt – well, I expect you’re just an all round perfect person.
    Slutt – so how is this a discussion about wat we put in our kids? I don’t even mention my son, who would not eat a ready meal if I paid him. Classic case of a none-too-bright individual not actually bothering to read the question?

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