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Survival Seeds – Plant Your Own Crisis Victory Garden Easy to Grow 34 Varieties NEW for 2012

Survival Seeds – Plant Your Own Crisis Victory Garden Easy to Grow 34 Varieties NEW for 2012

Survival Seeds - Plant Your Own Crisis Victory Garden Easy to Grow 34 Varieties NEW for 2012

  • 34 Varieties Vegetable & fruit These seeds are fresh for the 2012 growing season
  • Enclosed in a Mylar Heat Sealed Resealable bag Instructions Are Included
  • These seeds produce new seeds every planting year for perpetual food
  • NON GMO NO PESTICIDES Total Non-Hybrid seeds
  • OVER 8,000 Happy Customers growing daily

Look around. Why has the price of food doubled in the last year? Why is it still rising? Supply and demand food supplies will eventually dry up, Non-Hybrid Non-GMO Vegetable Seed will SUSTAIN OUR FOOD NEEDS WHEN CANNED(expired), FREEZE DRIED(destroyed) and all other food sources are gone ! The New World Order and the Global Economy are here NOW!! The UN AGENDA 21 CALLS FOR Sustainable Development. GO GREEN !! THINK ABOUT IT BE PREPARED!! CAN GROW NEW GENERATIONS OF VEGETABLES THUS PROVIDING A NEVER ENDING FOOD SUPPLY. NON-HYBRID NON-GMO AAA QUALITY SEED LIFETIME MYLAR BAG SEEDS SEALED READY FOR STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED TO HARVEST DRY AND RE-USE SEEDS SAVE MONEY ON YOUR FOOD BILL THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING TESTED 11/15/2011 98 %

List Price: $ 34.95

Price: $ 22.99

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5 Comments/Reviews

  • MMU Canoe Club says:

    I am eating these big black grapes with seeds in them. I choose to eat the seeds because my mom does the same and also because she claims that it is healthy to eat them. Is there any truth to this? Are the seeds of grapes really inedible like the seeds of an apple? Thanks.

  • TR Mack says:

    How easy is it to sell a house when not in the country? I spoke to a local estate agent about it. He said it is quite easy, the estate agent and solicitor will sort everything out as long as I sign certain forms/paperwork. Is it really that easy? I assume there will extra costs involved.

  • keizousanta says:

    i recently moved into my house. in the backyard there was a stump tree. i decided to grow a garden around it. After digging up most of the soil my neighbor came by and said i would have trouble growing anything because that stump was a old pine tree. i didnt remove the stump but removed tons of its roots(electric saw:-) that would interfere with planting.
    My question would the acidity affect my future veggie garden?

  • ademuth93 says:

    This plant is driving me crazy. I keep it on the kitchen table so it gets plenty of light, but not direct light. I water it thoroughly once a week with a few drops of plant food in the water. And the thing is still looking droopy and about to die. I am having this problem with all my plants. The red chilli plant, my pin coushin plant and my other plant (I don’t know what it is called but it has small oval leaves that are dark green with white veins that is supposed to be a trailing plant. It has fuzzy branches.) All my plants get the same treatment. I water them all on Sunday, let them dryout through the week and water them again on Sunday. All with a few drops of plant food. Just normal in door liquid plant food in the water. They all get light, but it’s just my kitchen light and no direct sunlight. I don’t get sunlight into my house any where.

  • GAUSDY says:

    im sowing seeds right now.. what kind of plants will bloom july or augest if i sow the seeds now? and what biennials can i sow now so they bloom next july? thx.. and i live in zone 4/5 ontario canada.

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