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Sanyo ABC-VW24 Air Washer Air Purification System with Electrolyzed Water Technology

Sanyo ABC-VW24 Air Washer Air Purification System with Electrolyzed Water Technology

  • Suppresses Airborne Bacteria and Germs
  • Removes Dust and Allergens
  • Reduces Pollen
  • Neutralizes Odors
  • 3 Directional airflow

Sanyo’s new Air Washer air purification system suppresses airborne bacteria and germs utilizing an exclusive electrolyzed water technology, removes dust and allergens, reduces pollen and neutralizes odors. Sanyo’s electrolyzed water technology has been tested and proven effective in suppressing airborne germs, bacteria, odors, allergens and mold through third party certification institutions including RTI. In addition, electrolyzed water has proven effective in significantly reducing the level of viable airborne germs and bacteria, according to an independent research institution in the United States. Simply add tap water to the water container and the chlorine ions in the tap water are molecularly split through an electrolysis process in the unit into electrolyzed water. The electrolyzed water attacks the protein spikes in bacteria and inactivates the spikes so they are unable to attach to human cells. The units’ 3 directional (upward, leftward, rightward stream) airflow emits the pur

List Price: $ 249.99

Price: $ 194.36

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  • ShadowTheBR says:

    Would the population of all the Hawaian islands survive if all planes and boats to and from the mainlands stopped functioning due to zombie, plague, crazies outbreak?

    Would they have enough food, water, supplies or would they cannibalize themselfs?

    And yes, I watch to many movies.

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