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A Trio of Garden Seed Kits

A Trio of Garden Seed Kits

A Trio of Garden Seed Kits

  • Trio of garden seed kits featuring Veggin’Out, Uncle Herb’s Favorites and Hot Mama’s Peppers and Chiles
  • Garden seed kit bundle includes: 11 varieties of fruits and vegetable seeds, 10 varieties of pepper and chile seeds, 10 varieties of culinary herb seeds
  • Save hundreds off of your grocery bill by growing your own fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Humble Seed’s unique resealable Mylar pack, keeps seeds fresher longer
  • All Seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, and grown/harvested within the USA

Grow the garden of your dreams with the Humble Seed Trio, which bundles Hot Mama’s Peppers and Chiles, Veggin’ Out, and Uncle Herb’s Favorites. 30 great varieties of non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds are packaged in re-sealable Mylar® bags that make growing now or later both convenient and economical-seeds stay fresh in between plantings and you can save hundreds off of your grocery bill while having a steady supply of fresh herbs, peppers and vegetables just a few steps away. The Humble Seed Trio also makes for a great gardening gift.

List Price: $ 85.85

Price: $ 85.85

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2 Comments/Reviews

  • annie binicki says:

    I have 4 seeds that I took out of the small oranges, 3 of them are kind of a ball shape and the other one is a flat long one. Even though they’re different are they still mandarin seeds? The flat seed took about 2 weeks for it to have a root and the round seeds took a month to have a root. Thanks!

  • Neil G says:

    i recently moved into my house. in the backyard there was a stump tree. i decided to grow a garden around it. After digging up most of the soil my neighbor came by and said i would have trouble growing anything because that stump was a old pine tree. i didnt remove the stump but removed tons of its roots(electric saw:-) that would interfere with planting.
    My question would the acidity affect my future veggie garden?

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