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Can of 22 Different Heirloom/non-gmo Canned Vegetable / Garden Seeds for Long Term Storage Reviews

Can of 22 Different Heirloom/non-gmo Canned Vegetable / Garden Seeds for Long Term Storage

Can of 22 Different Heirloom/non-gmo Canned Vegetable / Garden Seeds for Long Term Storage

  • Enough to plant more than 3/4 acres
  • Jumbo size, more seed for your money

Blue Lake Snap Bean 50+ Seeds
Dark Red Kidney Bean 50+ Seeds
Buttercrunch Lettuce 250+ Seeds
Green Broccoli 100+ Seeds
Cabbage All Season 100+ Seeds
Little Fingers Carrot 250+ Seeds
Golden Corn 50+ Seeds
Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo 50+ Seeds
Marketmore Cucumber 50+ Seeds
Cherry Belle Radish 50+ Seeds
Spinach 50+ Seeds
California Wonder Bell Pepper 50+ Seeds
Jalapeno Pepper 50+ Seeds
Watermelon 50+ Seeds
Yellow Crookneck Squash 40+ Seeds
Dark Red Beet 50+ Seeds
Fordhook Lima Beans 50+ Seeds
Sunflower Seeds 50+ Seeds
Beefsteak Tomato 100+ Seeds
Turnip Seven Top Turnip Greens 150+ Seeds
Collards Georgia Southern Collard Greens 150+ Seeds
Pumpkin 25+ Seeds

List Price: $ 43.95

Price: $ 43.95

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8 Comments/Reviews

  • Hiago says:

    I am looking for a physical storefront where I can go and look at/buy heirloom seeds. I know alot of places sell them online, but I dont want that. Any ideas?

  • vaLy waLy says:

    i need to make sure that the seeds i purchase is/are regenerating.

  • Anna Nesbitt says:

    I’m looking for storage products that are fairly attractive, like ok to be out in the living room. Everything I see looks too “containerish” or meant for an attic or huge and designed for school classrooms.
    Anyone know of any large storage products that aren’t so bulky and storage looking?

    (for kids toys, extra blankets, magazines etc. just basic storage needs)
    It’s ok if the design is targeted for children. that’s fine. I’m not just not interested in the large bin types.

  • BurnE says:

    I remember from my biochem class that it is difficult to be a vegetarian because most non-animal sources of protein lack some of the essential amino acids. I know that if you eat a wide variety of vegetables/beans/etc that you can make up for this, but I seem to remember my professor telling us one specific vegetable/bean that provided all of the essential amino acids. Does anyone know what this is?

  • Danny Botes says:

    To my understanding Organic is “healthier” which is what I am leaning towards, but then when I look at the Heritage and Heirloom descriptions on google, they throw in the word organic here and there. It is confusing.

    Your clarification is appreciated, thank you!

  • Bo Miles says:

    For example—Heirloom Tomato, Watermelon, Cabbage, Lettuce, Bell Peppers etc…. for my garden.

  • Serena Frieden says:

    I’ve planted green zebra and Cherokee purple tomatoes. I hadn’t planned on saving the seeds, because I never tried that before. Now I’m just curious–They’re within 10 feet of each other, will they have hybridized?

    Do you have to plant only one type of heirloom to get heirloom seeds?
    Thanks. I’m mainly considering saving the seeds because a friend wants some green zebras.

    So, I might be giving her purple zebras or Cherokee green, huh?

  • Stella Sotelo says:

    I am starting a garden, and am tired of paying for new dead-end seeds each year. Seed saers exchange is the best place, but they only sell veggies. this year I am starting a vineyard, orchard, and growing lots of different berry bushes. stark bros. isnt one is it? is the cook’s garden one? but where can I find that? thanks alot.

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