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Genesis Survival Herb Seed Pack TM

Genesis Survival Herb Seed Pack TM

Genesis Survival Herb Seed Pack TM

  • Planting Instructions Included In Individual Reusable Ziplock Seed Packets!
  • All 10 seed packs are heat sealed in a 8 by 12 Mylar Bag!
  • Our Mylar Bags are closed on the zipper end!
  • Tamper Evident / ZipSeal…
  • Heat sealed on bottom end!

Why do I need Orchard House Heirlooms Genesis Survival Herb Seed Pack ?
Famine! Natural Disasters! Emergency Food Supply Running Out! The list is endless… OK, but what does heirloom seed mean? Genetically diverse seeds that have been passed on from generation to generation. So what does GMO seed mean? The seeds have been genetically engineered! The DNA of the plant has been changed by man! You may not even get seed from GMO seeds! What does Hybrid Seeds Mean? F1 hybrids have been hand-pollinated, and are patented! Often Hybrids are sterile. You will not get seeds! Genetically identical within food types! Sold from multinational seed companies! What is a Mylar Bag! Mylar Bags are made of a polyester film laminated to aluminum foil. Creati

List Price: $ 23.95

Price: $ 23.95

Wizard of OZ Munchkin Figurine Set of 2 Wee Welcome Jim Shore Heartwood Creek

Wizard of OZ Munchkin Figurine Set of 2 Wee Welcome Jim Shore Heartwood Creek

  • Wizard of Oz figurines
  • Made from Stone Reson
  • From Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Collection
  • Set of two
  • Introduced in 2009

Introducing the Munchkins figurines, titled; Wee Welcome, introduced in 2009 from Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Collection. This collectible Figurine Set is would make the perfect gift for the Wizard of Oz collector. They are made from stone resin.

List Price: $ 37.99

Price: $ 37.99

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3 Comments/Reviews

  • Lucas Soares says:

    Genesis teaches that sin corrupts and leads to more sin. How is this true in today’s world?

  • Luke S says:

    I am doing an experiment for biology on if the size of a seed affects how fast and how big it grows. I need at least 2 different flowers or something that has a small seed and t least two different for the larger seed as well. I also need to grow them indoors because its almost winter and they need to grow almost fully in like 3 months. Can you please help me out.

  • Lorrie Lauro says:

    Our close family friend found out she has breast cancer a few weeks ago and is getting a double masectomy tomorrow (June 6). I know she probably be fine but there are always risks. Are the chances of survival good for someone having a double masectomy?
    Thanks to everyone who replied back. To answer the one question, I’m not sure if she is getting reconstructive surgery. I just wanted know what the risks were during the operation and even after. We haven’t heard from them yet today, but I’m hoping everything goes well! Thanks again everyone…you’re answers really helped! Please check my other question about Limb Girdle and maybe you can answer it!

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