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Barnett Strike 9 Slingshot in Clampack

Barnett Strike 9 Slingshot in Clampack

Barnett Strike 9 Slingshot in Clampack

  • Ideal beginner’s slingshot
  • Features new soft touch grip, contoured wrist brace, and magnum power bands
  • Comes complete with a shooting guide
  • Includes limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Not for sale in some zip codes

The Strike Nine features an all new soft touch grip making it the perfect introduction to sling shot sports. Contoured Wrist Brace Magnum Power Bands Full Shooting Guide Features: Soft-Touch Grip Standard Bands Complete Shooting GuideAn ideal beginner’s slingshot, the Strike 9 features a new soft touch grip, contoured wrist brace, and powerfully stretchy magnum power bands, and comes complete with a shooting guide. Warranty
This Barnett product includes a limited five-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. About Barnett Precision Crossbows
Barnett is an industry leader in crossbow design and manufacture, and has sold well over one million crossbows to date. The company was established more than 50 years ago

List Price: $ 709.00

Price: $ 5.78

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9 Comments/Reviews

  • lauren says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    i haznt buyed it but iz wants itttt, January 19, 2012

    This review is from: Barnett Strike 9 Slingshot in Clampack (Sports)

    i rrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyyy want this sling shot it looks cool and is farly small get this for your kid it its safe enough

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  • DJShyne says:

    It appears acceleration is more crucial than velocity in a strike apparently a strike that starts gradual and gains momentum as it goes in direction of the focus on hits more difficult than a strike thrown at a constant but quicker speed.

    How is this so again? (more transfer of force for some reason)

    How do I maximize acceleration? Must I just take it to such an severe that I intentionally start off a strike bit slower so I can get much more acceleration at the final minute of impact?

    Or ought to I often toss it as quickly as I can as soon as I can?

  • Ashley Davis says:

    i sprained my wrist badly like 2 weeks ago, and i was in s splint for 2 weeks. I dont need a splint anymore but i need a wrist brace cuz it kinda hurts. Where can i find them like in cvs, walgreens, dicks sporting goods, or academy?

  • Spotty-Dotty says:

    Can I use a carpal tunnel wrist brace as a regular wrist brace?
    I am 14 and I recently sprained my wrist and I have a carpal tunnel wrist brace that my sister used to use that fits me but I don’t want it to hurt my wrist but It feels 10x better than my other wrist brace that I have it says it can be used for weak, injured or post cast wrists too

  • Ledzeppelin324 says:

    I’ve been having wrist pain and hand tingling, so I went to the doctor. The doctor said that part of the issue could be due to the way I situate my hand and wrist when I sleep at night. He suggested that I use a wrist brace at night to keep my wrist straight while I sleep. Will any wrist brace work at night or do I need a special brace for night time?

  • Jone Kiyah says:

    I’m having the first symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and I started looking around on ebay to buy wrist braces to ease the pain but I have no idea what size to choose since I don’t know how to calculate my hand size so I can choose the right wrist brace size for me. Could anyone help me out?

  • Game N Blaze says:

    So I am almost 100% sure that I have tendonitis and not a stress fracture in my wrist so I want to know how long I should wear this wrist brace…I’ve worn it for two days now, taking it off at night.


  • Tripp Braden says:

    I have to wear wrist guards when I Skateboard, and I want something that doesn’t show as much as a wrist guard. So what is a wrist brace? Will it prevent me from braking my wrist just like the wrist guard?
    Please help me because I want to know badly.

  • StatenIsland Coach says:

    Um I need a wrist brace thats cheap and in like local stores. So i found one but it is a carpal tunnel brace so i was wondering if that will be okay for gymnastics?? Thanks 😀

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