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Sling Shot Water Bomb

Sling Shot Water Bomb

Sling Shot Water Bomb

  • SKU (MODEL#): AR_17518507.
  • Item Condition: new
  • Sold and shipped by AtRight.
  • Brand Name: bulk buys
  • Shipping Weight: 73.74 lbs

This plastic sling shot is the perfect spring and summer fun toy! Each set es with 10 balloons to make “water bombs” that can be flinged at targets. Also included is a funnel attaches to faucets to easily fill balloons. Just fill balloons place inside the plastic pocket on sling shot and hurl away. Sling shots e in assorted colors including orange yellow and green. All of this is packaged on a blister card with hanging hole. Sling shots measure 7 3/4″ and deflated balloon are about 2″ long.Available in a pack of 24

List Price: $ 33.22

Price: $ 32.66

50 Feet Black Rubber Latex Thick Walled Tubing (a.k.a. 3/8″ Speargun Band / Sling Tubing) 3/8″OD 1/8″ID (#408R)

50 Feet Black Rubber Latex Thick Walled Tubing (a.k.a. 3/8

  • Total Tubing Length: 50 feet, Crossectional Dimensions: 3/8″ OD 1/8″ Wall 1/8″ ID
  • AKA 3/8″ Speargun Sling / Band Tubing
  • High Quality Natural Latex made in the USA by Kent Elastomer and guaranteed fresh.
  • Physical Properties: Modulus at 300% 190 PSI Max, Tensile 3,500 PSI Min, Shore A Durometer Hardness 35±5, Elongation at Break 750% Min, Specific Gravity 0.95

50 foot reel of black latex thick walled tubing manufactured in the U.S.A. by Kent Elastomer. The crossectional dimensions are 3/8″ OD 1/8″ Wall 1/8″ ID. The tubing is brand new, guaranteed fresh, on a reel and in the original manufacturer’s packaging. Please note the tubing may not be continuous and is normally packed in 1 to 3 segments totaling 50 feet. Caution: Not to be handled by those allergic to latex.

List Price: $ 46.99

Price: $ 46.99

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6 Comments/Reviews

  • Marcos Castro says:

    I’ve had a sling shot for a while, but i was wondering if there was a way i could be more accurate with it.

    My technique now, pull the band back straight up my right arm, try to get it as level as possible with what i’m shooting, and release.

  • SlyFoxHound says:

    I’m really bored right now so I have a poll for only the most loyal and ultimate Legend of Zelda gamers.

    1. Which Zelda game do you like the best?
    The original Legend of Zelda
    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    A Link to the Past
    Link’s awakening
    Ocarina of Time
    Majora’s Mask
    Oracle of Ages
    Oracle of Seasons
    Wind Waker
    Four Swords
    Minish Cap
    Twilight Princess
    Phantom Hourglass
    Spirit Tracks
    Skyward Sword

    my favorite is Twilight Princess because I just LOVE the story!

    2. What is your favorite item from Twilight Princess?
    fishing rod
    sling shot
    oocoo and oocoo jr.
    gale boomerang
    iron boots
    hero’s bow
    hawk eye mask
    double clawshot
    water bomb
    ball and chain
    bombling (the one that can run around before blowing up)
    dominion rod
    horse call

    i just think it’s so much fun to use the hero’s bow (even though i love using the dominion rod to bring the statues to life, which i think are adorable!)

    3. Lastly, who is your favorite Legend of Zelda character (i won’t list them all cuz there are WAY to many)?

    My favorites are Illia from Twilight Princess, and you can never go wrong with Link himself.

    Thanks a lot if you actually read all this! sorry it’s so long!

  • vicky s says:

    ok so i have this sling shot and i want to shoot it with as much accuracy as can be but i have to shot the sling shot right of my face with a tilt and i, 3/6 times, make the shot (or less). so if there is a better way can anyone help me?

  • Richard Jeffery says:

    In nascar. I was watching talagada night the ballad of rickybobby last night and i was wondering how the sling shot works. I know it has to do with air pressure and air resistance.

  • Gloria Hester says:

    So I may go to Daytona Beach sometime soon, and they have a big sling-shot there. I was never able to ride it, I was too scared. But I really want to now. So what does it feel like exactly? How do you feel before and after? I’m just curious, because it seems really fun. Please no rude or smart-ass answers. Any advice or personal experience will be appreciated. I’m 13 by the way. Thank you!

  • Stella Sotelo says:

    I did a DIY crossbow recently but i am not sure if its a compound or just sling shot in crossbow form the front does not bend and my thread is elastic but not that much it uses a pully system so is it a crossbow or giant sling shot?

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