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GRIP 46000 18-Inch Machete with Pouch

GRIP 46000 18-Inch Machete with Pouch

GRIP 46000 18-Inch Machete with Pouch

  • 18″ Blade
  • protective nylon sheath
  • Plastic sure grip handle

Use to make short work of branches, vines and brush

List Price: $ 7.00

Price: $ 7.00

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3 Comments/Reviews

  • jodi jo says:

    My flea market is selling a machete for only 10 bucks. Its pretty sharp, and the blade doesn’t bend. I am no machete expert, so I don’t know how much these typically cost.

    Would this 10 dollar machete be a viable option for self defense, like a wild animal attack for instance?

  • Bob Johnston says:

    Using a sword isn’t easy to to swing up and down. So how long does it take for someone to master how to use a machete perfectly? Because it doesn’t seem like a child can use it like a baseball bat :S
    Please take my question under consideration ^_^
    Thank you ! 😀

  • Louielyn dela Cruz says:

    I am going to be backpack camping in the boundary waters coming up this summer. I have this Machete that I could really use in the wilderness for various things such as cutting some branches down for firewood, and its alot lighter then bringing an axe. I have a sheath with it that connects to my belt. What are the laws and or regulations about carrying such a tool in the wilderness in northern Minnesota.

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