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Ontario SP8 Spec Plus Machete/Survival Knife

Ontario SP8 Spec Plus Machete/Survival Knife

Ontario SP8 Spec Plus Machete/Survival Knife

  • 15.125″ overall length
  • 10″ blade
  • .25″ thickness

SPEC PLUS® Series knives are designed for military, sporting and rescue use. Features includes: comfortable Kraton® handles, epoxy powder coated 1095 carbon steel blades, full tang, combination leather/Cordura® sheaths, lanyard and proudly made in the U.S.A.

List Price: $ 91.52

Price: $ 57.75

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7 Comments/Reviews

  • Greenknight01 "" says:
    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Very Good General Purpose Tool, January 6, 2010
    Greenknight01 “” (Some where in New England) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Ontario SP8 Spec Plus Machete/Survival Knife (Misc.)

    I got this tool for use with traditional Bow Hunting (Long Bow) to go in my Rucksack as a XMAS gift. I also have the long handled Woodsman’s pal. This tool is superior to the historic and excellent Woodsman’s Pal. It has a excellent weight and balance to it. My only wish is that the sawback surface is not a cross cut type sawback. My Woodman’s Pal is going to became a hand me down to a family menmber who also hunts. THe sheath is also excellent. The sheath is made of steel hardware, treated leather, and ballistic nylon. Shop aroud and you can find this item at somewhat below retail. The OKSP8 can be used as a machete, saw, or axe/hatchet, or crash/rescue tool. As a bonus this item is made in the U.S.A. by American workers. The hard rubber/nylon (Kraton polymer handle) grips are very comfortable, durable and solid. The resin type enamel (epoxy powder coating) finish is non-reflective and very durable. The steel is high quality high carbon 1095 steel. The edge of the tool comes sharpened, but a turn on a Arkansas stone or ceramic V stick would help bring it wonders. Overall you will be very happy with this tool for gardening, brush clearing, general camp use, survival, or as a crash/rescue tool. You will be prowd to own this tool. It should give you years of service. This is an excellent tool at an excellent price even at twice the retail price!

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  • Uncle Al "Al" says:
    15 of 18 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good for What Ails Yuh, July 31, 2007
    Uncle Al “Al” (Atlanta, GA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    What I really wanted was a Becker TacTool, but then Camillus went out of business and I was looking for something similar. This is a good, solid knife with a decent balance between heft and portability. The rubber grip is comfortable and doesn’t get too slippery when you’re sweating from heat in the Outback or nervous tension in the bathtub.

    …maybe I’ve said too much.

    I sharpened this thing with an Accusharp sharpener and it’s kept its edge well after I got my agressions out on some heavy brush. It’s a pain to sharpen the rounded corner, though.

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  • Hard Core Camper says:
    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best Wood Processing Tool on Planet Earth, November 12, 2011

    This review is from: Ontario SP8 Spec Plus Machete/Survival Knife (Misc.)

    First, let me just say, that this is not a fighting blade and really is not a machete, either. If I had to give it an aptly descriptive name, it would be SP-8 SURVIVAL TOOL … In short, you could build a log cabin, with this thing … a good one !

    Here are the tasks it excels at, by order of efficiency.

    * SPLITTING LOGS: Using an impact baton (on par with a Cold Steel Trail Master … TOPS ! )
    This blade has the span, the thickness and the height to split logs over 6″ in diameter.
    Because the stock is so thick, you only need to baton half way thru … if that far.
    Because the edge is straight and there is no point or belly, it is the strongest “hand axe”, period.

    * LIMBING: Sheer mass and reach … rakes limbs off like whiskers … often with one chop.

    * FELLING: Certainly, at least as efficient as ANY hand-axe, hatchet, or hawk … long, massive, 1095 edge.

    * DRAW BLADE: Will strip bark and shape logs like a dedicated draw-blade.

    * “CHISEL”: You can use a hammer, mallet, or baton to impact the butt/pommel and shape notches, bowls, joints, etc. (The tip is not an actual chisel grind … it has the same profile as the main blade).

    * PRY-TOOL: Just look at it ! … You can profile the tip any way you like … as a crow-bar or as a “chisel”.

    * RASP: Contrary to what most users think, the “saw-back” is VERY useful, as a RASP, for shaping joints and notches and removing chips and material, as well as flatting knots and stripping bark.

    * MEAT PROCESSING: Particularly, hide fleshing and cutting bone, joints, sinew, cutting steaks, etc.

    * HAMMER: Don’t try this, But … I have used the flat side of the SLAB, as a hammer (to drive stakes).

    WHAT IT DOES NOT DO (well) ?? : Drilling, Jerking, Trail-Breaking, Fighting, Carving, Fillet.

    I could totally get by with just this blade and my MORA BUSHCRAFT FORCE knife, but a SVEN SAW and a fillet knife are also good to have along.

    THE SHEATH, BTW, is VERY robust. I lash this wicked beast to the outside of my CAMELBAK BFM hydration pack by running my top compression strap thru the belt loop and I run a loop of P-cord between the bottom ring and a MOLLE caribiner, on the bottom row of my pack … it is secured tight, out of the way, and easy to access.

    Just do this, while they are still available ! … At just over ~$50 ?! … DUDE !!

    And … This is not legal to carry in Texas but, since it has no point, and is not a Bowie or a spear or a daggar or a tomahawk … it really does not fit the description of any prohibited weapon and even tho it exceeds our 5.5″ blade limit, I have sucessfully convinced LEOs that this TOOL has no value as a weapon, either for agression or defense … it is a CAMP TOOL … Period. (and a truly world-class one, at way less than half the cost of a Trail Master) … Hmmm ?

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  • Kristen Shearer says:

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  • 1618 says:

    any special reasons to buy or not?

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