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Hybrid Solar Cooker Sun Oven Portable Cooker

Hybrid Solar Cooker Sun Oven Portable Cooker by Sun BD Corporation

  • Uses 75% less power than a conventional oven
  • Easy carrying, instant set-up, and compact storage
  • Includes four cooking pans, oven mitt, oven thermometer, 6′ power cord
  • 211/4″H x 211/4″W x 79/10″D

This unique hybrid solar oven by Sun BD Corporation cooks no matter what the weather. In sunshine, its rugged onepiece reflector panel combines with a double- paned window, double rubber seals and included booster panels to cook at temperatures up to 300. Or just plug it into a 120V outlet to cook using 75% less power than a conventional oven. In changeable conditions, sensor controls can even be set to cycle between solar and electric heat as needed. An ideal solution for power-challenged RVs and hot summer kitchens, its tough clamshell suitcase design offers easy carrying, instant set-up, and compact storage. Includes four cooking pans, oven mitt, oven thermometer, 6′ power cord, and instructional CD. 211/4″H x 211/4″W x 79/10″D. Made in India.

Price: $ 308.99

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10 Comments/Reviews

  • steve says:

    I recently moved to a place with an old gas range. The oven is just horrible. It takes forever for food to cook, and even then, it doesn’t come out very well.

    I have an oven thermometer, which verifies that the oven has the proper temperature for the food being cooked – so I can’t figure out what could be the problem.

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  • perros y perras says:

    My mom has a gas cooker,i want to give her my electric cooker,but how much will it cost to disconnect the gas supply to the cooker and who to contact about this,not the whole house supply of gas.Then i can fit my electric cooker,but the only snag is that there is no point to put the electric wires.So would i have to get one fitted,or can i connect the wires to a plug and run the cooker from there?

  • Thelmon B says:

    I want to make a solar power generator for ac use not dc use, how long will it last if iam running a total of 1600 watts ? I was planning on making one with 8 batteries.
    any websites that explain this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Barbara says:

    I accidentally dropped my progressive oven thermometer in my cake mix. Can I wash it with water?

  • Lorrie Goffinet says:

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  • Reece Hunt says:

    or would it break? Special ‘oven’ thermometers not available here. Does the same go for like, candy making and such?

  • Carson Griffith says:

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  • Christian Quevedo says:

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