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Sun BD – Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven

Sun BD Corp. Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven

One look at us, and you’ll see why the Tulsi-Hybrid is the #1 hybrid solar oven in America! Solar cook beef & pork roasts, whole chickens or cakes, pies and breads. It’ll bake whatever you want: Features: Heats up to 400degrees F. Rugged 95% reflective one-piece reflector panel (Higher reflectivity than a standard glass mirror). Double paned oven window instead of the typical single pane(Condensation virtually eliminated). Double rubber oven seals instead of a single seal (Better long term heat retention). Larger internal cooking chamber (Cook 4 different foods at one time). Accessories (Everything you need to get started solar cooking from day one). 24/7 electric back-up system is energy efficient using typically 75% less electrical energy than your standard in-house oven (The cost to operate is pennies). Rugged suitcase design offers clamshell like protection to internal parts. (Sets up in seconds: Simple as opening a suitcase). Portable for easy transporting (Fits in the

Price: $ 276.76

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8 Comments/Reviews

  • Anita Courtney says:

    Well this is the thing, I had a miscarriage on May9th and my d&c on May 11th. Doc said wait 3 mths and start trying again. Well, i had my first cycle on June 12th-17th. Well, fiance and I Bd’d on saturday and i started my 2nd cycle on sunday. So im glad my cycles are back to normal. What im wondering is, could i have conceived even if my period started the next day? Im a little confused on this situation. IDK what to think. We were going to start trying next month but fiance’ was a little sidetracked and didnt take a precaution. And no we dont use protection…dont plan on it. I dont care if it happens now, id be thrilled b/c i want another child but i dont know what to think about a period starting like 12 hours after sex. Please help me out ladies!!!! And plz no rude answers, this is serious!

  • Hanne Elise Pollack says:

    Hello people ,
    I have a basic question . For office goers like me , break fast and lunch must be ready by 7 AM. So if i have to cook using solar cookers , i can do it only at noon . Is there any other energy efficient device which uses solar power for cooking where in energy can be stored in the batteries or else suggest some other way of cooking using green energy , this is one of my attempts to go green 🙂

    Thanks in Advance !
    Cheers .

  • Aimme Rodriguez says:

    If we focused the sun’s energy like a magnifying glass does into the solar panels, would this generate more power at all?

  • Ray Brosseau says:

    I’m an engineering student and for an individual hobby-like project i purchased a small solar panel and a small solar motor. I am planning on making a small solar powered toy car. The question i have is: is there a way to connect a control or some other ways of regulating the power that is absorbed by the cells? Other wise the motor will just continue to run. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • AGC Esporte says:

    Although they haven’t been stolen YET, I expect my solar power lights to get stolen sooner or later. I was wondering if you know a good way to prevent them from getting stolen (other than moving them somewhere else or not putting them out at all)?. Oh, and i would not like to make a cement foundation for them or buy different ones -lol. Any help will be greatly appreciated 🙂
    oh, and please make the answers reasonable, don’t be crazy.

  • vtecpakiness says:

    We have been ttc and we did it 3 or 4 days before ovulation. We did the bd last Sun. and I have a positive OPK Wed Thurs Fri Sat and Sun. I could of possibly had one on Tues but forgot to test that day. But Wed i started getting terrible terrible cramps and backache like I was ovulating, even though I know they say its typically at least 12 hours after your first positive OPK that you actually ovulate. But I could of had the surge any time the day before and actually started ovulating on Wed when I started cramping. So I guess I ovulated Wed or Thurs… Im not real sure. So I would have done it 3 to 4 days before ovulation, I know typically you are supposed to do it a day or two before ovulation or during ovulation for the best chance, but what are the chances that far before ovulation. I have heard that sperm can only live for a day or two and i have also heard that they can live for 7. im so confused! haha! its too early for a pg test I plan to take one later in the week or this weekend. my period isnt due for another week. Thanks!

  • Krystal Marie Nieves says:

    i need help for school! are people really using solar ovens to like cook all their meals in the u.s.? and any other info about solar ovens would be great!! like, globally, how beneficial are these ovens? or are they a practical cooking method for people living in the u.s.?

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